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Equestrian Rights - Information

Washington State Draft Policy

The Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation's mission is to provide leadership and funding to help trail partners protect and enhance Washington's natural and recreational resources for current and future generations.

That said, straight out of their 2005 draft policy manual, no one in the equestrian world can assume that the assault on horse riders' rights and access to trails will not continue.

All of us need to stay informed and active. NATIONAL RECREATIONAL TRAILS PROGRAM - Download the draft document and stay informed. As more information becomes available, check back on this page.

NACMO and Backcountry Horsemen

NACMO will be exploring ways to partner with the country's largest horse riding group, the Backcountry Horsemen, to be more effective at influencing legislation protecting our trail rights. Stay tuned for more information here in 2006.


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