Miller’s Woods CMO

Miller Woods Ride – Lake Village, IN – June 25, 2022

After a weather prediction of heat and humidity with possible storms, 6 brave souls showed up in Lake Village, IN for the annual Miller Woods ride hosted by John and Kathy Haas. While 2 adults and 3 children kept the camp hosts company, the 3 teams set out to find the weather to be a pleasant, cool temperature around 70 degrees but a little wet at times. All teams found all 10 plates with the winning team of Stacy Mason and Crystal Jends coming in fastest – 2:12:40, Danielle Popovich and Svenja Chesna 2nd place – 2:28:00 and Troy and Laura VanMeter 3rd place – 2:52:05. After all completed the ride, the sun came out, rain stopped, temperatures increased and winds picked up as predicted. Everyone enjoyed fellowship and watermelon before heading home. A little excitement of a wind gust flipping the host’s camper awning found the Haas’ and VanMeters engineering some temporary repairs for road travel. Thanks go out to Laura and Troy for all of their help – the awning made it home and should be easily repaired.

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Kathy Haas

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