Adventures at Stoney Run

(reported by Danielle)

Some CMO fun was had at a small county Park called Stoney Run on the last Sunday in June. I was worried that the straightforward ride that Roxie Bank and I put together in this small well-maintained park would be little more than a horse race. I shouldn’t have worried. The Stoney Run Maintenance crew working on a Sunday Morning (!) would help slow things up by pulling pink confidence ribbons, removing clues and blocking trails with tractors! As always, our CMO riders take it in stride and keep looking 🙂

Our first riders out were Stacey and Andrew at 10:21 followed fifteen minutes later by Kathy and John Haas. More trailers arrived and soon Stoney Run’s allotted horse area was filled and overflowing. Next set of riders out were Karen and Jeanie from Illinois, going out shortly after 11 followed by three seasoned riders Svenja, Barb and Debra at 11:34. Ichiban tie went out 11:52 just as Stacey and Andrew were coming in with all 10 plates found in 1:30:22 (Roxie and I were glad to hear that all plates were found and can now breathe a sigh of relief). Twenty minutes or so later the Haas farm team arrive with all 10 plates found in 1:43:34.

Meanwhile, a new trailer shows up with an older appy mare and a man named Kurt. He was there to ride the trails. His mare had other ideas… He saddled her up and went to put his foot in the stirrup and she exploded! Did the best bucking Bronco I’ve ever seen. Now loose with the saddle slipping with each buck, she took off through the nearby pavilions with the saddle under her belly at a dead run. Soon she was out of the park and down the road and at some point, could be seen at a distance crossing a cornfield. John Haas just back from his ride, took off on foot after the loose horse along with the owner that was now on his feet. Fortunately, they came across another good Samaritan (this one had a pickup) he was able to drive them closer to the loose mare that was now spent and ready to be caught.

While that drama unfolded our last team The Weekend Wranglers were preparing to go out at 12:21. Aubrey one of our youngest riders rode without a line first time at a CMO on her trusty mount Stoney passing tractors and other hazards on the trail without missing a beat! Way to go Aubrey!

After a short breather and a fair amount of watermelon eaten the third place group with Svenja, Barb and Debra came in with all 10 and a time of 1:49:57.

The two riders from Illinois that just signed up had fun finding 4 plates in 3:28:24. Thirty seconds later Ichiban Tie came in after patiently waiting for work crews to clear off the trail and let them pass. They found all 10 in 2:44:25.

It was just a short wait filled with lively conversation about favorite plates and missing clues before the Wrangles came in with all 10 and a 4th place time of 2:32:38

What a good time and Good people. Happy Trails Again!

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