Potato Creek CMO June 3/4 2023

This was Jen Martin’s first time to manage a cmo and only my third or fourth so we struggled a bit with the Saturday ride. It didn’t help that the temps were in the 90’s either! A big thank you to all who came out to ride on Saturday and brave the heat and our tough course.

We also had the added drawback of Indiana Trail Riders working on trails in the park on Saturday. We love the work they do and they were told specifically not to interfere with our plates but one did get cut down and thrown to the side of the trail in a pile of limbs without them realizing it! “Just part of the sport” as Marti would say.

Sunday went much better and i think most had a really good ride. We enjoyed setting up the ride and hope to work together again. We learned a lot! We would encourage everyone to give managing a ride a try. Without managers the sport isn’t much fun and it won’t continue.

Here are the results for Saturday, June 3, 2023 Potato Creek.

  1. Keep Calm and Ride On 2:25:25/10 plates
  2. Babes in the Woods 2:32:00/10 plates
  3. Haas Farm 4:32:04/7 plates
  4. The Twisted Sisters 5:09:35/7 plates
  5. Laura VanMeter and Kim Croft 2:41:00/6 plates
  6. Bump and Find 4:21:33/3 plates

Sunday, June 4, 2023

  1. Keep Calm and Ride On 1:28:19/10 plates
  2. Babes in the Woods 1:50:44/10 plates
  3. Haas Farm 2:24:04/10 plates
  4. Pat Mouw and Christina Sepeiol 2:52:49/10
  5. Svenja Chesna 2:54:37/9 plates
  6. Laura VanMeter and Kim Croft 3:06:59/9 plates
  7. JJ Morris, Autumn Borne, Shiloh Grubert, Raegan Kaminer and Liza Shaw 4:02:57/9 plates

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  1. A great weekend with good friends! Thanks for your hard work! I second your encouragement to others to manage a ride – it’s a whole new side to CMO and makes you a better competitor! Not to mention that managing is how you give back to this great sport!

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