Tip River CMO

On May 20th, 30 riders came out to enjoy one of our favorite CMO locations – Tip River! The Weekend Wranglers dominated the short course getting first place while Stacey and Beth tore up the long course in 1:45:55. Hot on their heels were the Gypsy Travelers, who were racing against time to make it to pot luck in 1:55:25. The Babes of the Woods were next in 2:13:35, only to be chased in hot pursuit by our friends from the Michigan chapter – Bonnie and Lisa – in 2:14:25. Pam and Heather were next, getting the cutest baby aboard award ! The Martin gals were next in 2:58:15 but hot on their heels were mother/daughter duo Amy and Vera in 3:02:35. All Tuckered Out grabbed 8th place in 3:16:00 and the Haas farm followed in 3:57:04. Troy and Laura found a Sunday plate and came in with 9 plates to finish the day. We also had the Speedy Bridegrooms who were along for the ride and enjoyed the day with their son who was able to ride his pony with his pacifier! The potluck was epic and the company was even better. Thanks to all who came out!!

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