Kentucky Kick-Off 2023

(posted by Suzie Doer)

This was our first time doing CMO, and we are hooked!
Trail riding has a whole new definition for us now. All I can say is it’s sort of like being a pirate on horseback.
Right before heading out, you’re given a list of clues, a map with a bunch of circles on it showing a general area to find the clues (about 50 yard circle) and a compass!
It is timed, but you can forget that the fastest don’t always win because you can miss the clues.
You mount up and walk to the starting line like a nice normal trail ride. Then, the ride managers step up to the starting line with a stopwatch and reach over to hand you two pieces of paper—
the maps and clues
and start a countdown of about 10 seconds then say “GO!”
Then the game is on!
Wow again! 🤩
No GPS on your phone to assist because no electronic devices are allowed. You and your team work together to read the map for trail signs and clues that you’re on the right trail. I could go on, but I can promise you I will never look at a normal trail ride the same 😂.
Oh my gosh it is so fun and talk about adrenaline, for the first time on a 10 mile
trail ride I didn’t once think of snacks 😂 or potty breaks!
You have a choice of a short ride about 4-5 miles, or a longer ride about 9-10 miles. Choose what you’re comfortable with for you and your horse. There was a 27 year old one-eyed horse there (who took 2nd place!) and several older teenaged horses whose riders did the shorter rides and they placed and won.
The teams I was on for two days were some of the best women I’ve ever met and caring of their horses.
We had the time of our lives this weekend and you can go out in any size group so bring your friends or ride alone. Only $17 for a fun-filled ride and laughter as you try to be pirate-sneaky so the other teams don’t know you found the codes on the hidden paper plates somewhere in the middle of the forest! Learn to navigate! Learn to use a compass! You can learn a lot that will help you on any trail ride.
Next event is November 4-5 2023 at the same campground and we already planning on it. We also joined the club and association to support the people who actually organize and put on the events which I imagine is a thankless job and a lot of work.
Thank you Kentucky Kick-Off 2023 CMO for making an old lady feel welcomed and putting her horse and riding skills and brain to work! 💕🧭

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