Wrangler Roundup CMO (KY/TN)

from Rena Bartlett:

What a Weekend!! It was blazing hot.. last call was 148 degrees I think lol. Setting up was blistering.. Friday evening and Saturday were so hot.. then in came the downpour for a brutally wet Sunday. We had some real troopers this weekend! Riders from 4 states. Two new and amazing gals on mules, riding on bareback pads no less. Rides took a bit longer than normal due to heat considerations on Saturday. Sunday was messy and wet with rivers running down the middle of som
e trails but it was quite a relief after the heat. Only one bee (yellow jacket) sighting during setup. Challenges all around with not having access to the trail heads we chose ahead of time.. and I think a valuable lesson was learned this weekend by a couple of locals 😉 .. listen to the RM’s and follow directions even though you think you know where you’re going.. 😁 From sweaty on Saturday to Soaking wet on Sunday.. There were smiles all around. Many thanks to those who were able to brave the weather and join us for another fun CMO weekend.. And very many thanks to Tammy Murphy and Eric Cogdell for doing such and awesome job to help make this a successful and fun weekend for everyone!

from Marti Caldwell:

What a weekend for the second KY CMO of the 2023 season! Record high temps and horrible humidity didn’t keep an intrepid few from showing up to compete. Jamie Cary Reed and I were there from our club and were joined by two great gals from TN, Jona-lee Payne, and Amanda Allen from TN plus Toni Beckelman and her mom, Jackie Allen. Jamie blew me, Jona-lee, and Amanda out of the water Friday for the 5 plate, but with the sharp eyes of Jacki and Toni, my rookies and I won out on Saturday in over 4 hours of hot HOT riding! My mare, Bogey, has decided that Toni and Jacki’s mules, Goose and Huckleberry, are her new best friends! It poured all morning Sunday, but not enough to keep Jamie, Jona-lee and Amanda from heading out. Dave and I stayed in camp to pack up. We’ll see you all again in the fall at Green River! Congrats to the management team of Rena Bartlett, hubby Eric Cogdell, and Tammy Murphy who did an amazing job despite multiple challenges. The KY chapter is off and running!

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